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21 Design Group / Expert CIVIL Engineering and LAND Surveying in Washington, MO


Based in Washington, Missouri with a focus on projects in midwest United States, 21 Design Group is committed to providing quality civil engineering and land surveying to our clients at a reasonable cost. Our staff is motivated to provide you with the most extensive service for your bottom dollar.

The interaction between our engineers, and designers broadens our perspective of complex projects and provides our team the depth of expertise to identify critical engineering constraints early in the project and to create innovative solutions. We provide engineering services throughout all phases of a project and we seek to incorporate the benefits of natural systems into our designs.





 With experience across much of the Midwest and through the use of state-of-the-art technology, an expert staff, and precise planning, 21 Design Group delivers and executes engineering, surveying, and design projects with your desired results.  Whether your project is in construction support, surveying and mapping, civil site design, potable water, transportation improvements or wastewater treatment and collection, 21 Design Group's engineering and surveying services are available to ensure project success.  

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21 Design Group performed a wastewater treatment design for the Hillcrest Subdivision in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  The main priority of the project was to assist a struggling community in finding a cost effective solution to handling their wastewater treatment issues.  Their original process consisted of a failing lagoon system struggling to meet limits.  Our design consisted of adding a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, or MBBR, to the process.  While the typical engineering approach is to abandon the lagoons, our design kept these repaired lagoons in the treatment process to control the effect of storm water inflow and infiltration as well as provide treatment.  This project approach was one of the first in the state.  The Missouri Department of Natural Resources was excited about our approach to the project and labeled it as innovative.  SEE OUR VIDEO BELOW


Hillcrest Wastewater Treatment Design







Our firm can be present for any aspect of construction necessary to provide quality control.

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surveying and mapping

Our extensive experience in land surveying allows us to deliver a quality and reliable service to our clients.

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civil site design

Our staff has comprehensive expertise in providing the right civil site design to every individual project.  

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Our firm has extensive experience in all aspects of potable water design including storage, distribution, and supply.  

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wastewater treatment And CoLLECTION

Due to ever-changing technology, our staff strives to sustain the most current wastewater treatment and wastwater collection knowledge to keep our clients in compliance.   

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